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SGSI closes up shop

We regret to inform our customers and colleagues that Seventh Generation Systems Integration officially closed our doors on October 17th. After a decade of service in small renewables, and a stream of dedicated professionals, it is a difficult decision. However, the non-profit SGES that began in 2002 is still up and running, engaging communities and individuals in energy and innovation.

Arguments Against Nuclear, OIl, Coal, and...

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To get down to the heart ot the matter, how big is your backyard? Does it stop at the fencepost, or your street, or your town. or your state, or your country, or your planet?

The Seventh Generation Mission

Putting into modern practice the ancient Native American philosophy that the decisions we make today should result in a sustainable world seven generations into the future.

Seventh Generation Energy Systems is a non-profit organization that provides hands on educational opportunities in renewable energy. We take both an active and reflective approach to education with specialization in renewable energy market innovation, public policy and technological expertise.

We identify and engage organizations and individuals that exhibit a commitment to seventh generational thinking, making decisions based on taking into account the effect of choices we make today, on the next seven generations. We provide that constituency with the tools to make decisions based on energy literacy and distributed renewable energy systems that work for long-term community resilience.

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